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tooled off in the desert

So far this tour i've gone from staying in a squat spot in madison wisconsin to staying at a mansion in las vegas. Lots of free food and beer everywhere. Lots of van problems and expensive food everywhere as well. I've slept on 2 couches. one was was a love seat and hurt a lot. The rest of the time i sleep on the floor. The shows have mostly been pretty small. In two days i'll be in redlands california...that show is supposed to be pretty big. So far Omaha has been probably the best show...denver was the best city. Vegas didn't live up to what i thought it would. lost money. didn't see any tubes other than the prostitute cards that are laying around everywhere. Then was wednesday night...around 2-4 in the morning while we were on the strip. A lot of things weren't active or whatever. It's fun though. Seems like there is just a lack of promotion on the part of the venues and promoters out here. Slack asses. Long drives and hot hot weather. A lot of empty space makes the drives a bit boring. The mountains were cool for a day or so, after that i was about done with them. Luckily we're traveling with really cool people. Anyway...i'm about to get some food.

i miss everyone. and my bed. i'm having fun though, beats the shit out of work.

that is all.
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