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i don't want to jinx anything, but this winter has been the shortest one i can remember. I'm not depressed by it at all. I was so worried that it would be like last winter where i just couldn't get out of it. But for some reason everything seems to be pretty awesome. I still can't wait until that first warm day, where the snow is melting and you can actually feel the sun when it's out. and there is that smell...that's going to be so great. I can't wait for the freedom to go outside whenever and not feel like going somewhere is a huge chore or something i have to prepare for. And everyone will be home from school and trips to royal oak will be in order. I miss summer more than any other year i think...but not in a depressed way, in an excited way. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot to do. We'll make stuff to do. Road trips upon road trips. After going to cleveland for that show, i've realized just how easy that would be...just to leave for a little bit, it doesn't take as much planning as i thought it would. i don't know why i expected it would. Hopefully by then i'll have a sweet job or apprenticeship in a studio or something and be making decent money, cause with what i'm making now, it takes me and hour and a half to make enough to see a movie. FUCK THAT. hmm....i just remembered something, nevermind some of that stuff i guess. should still be a decent summer. I'm hungry.

I have to go get my check and cash this one and the last one, hopefully this one will be better. I owe my dad 40 dollars...i wish i just owed him a 40. that's a lot cheaper.

I don't know what else to say, so i guess i'm just going to get some food.
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I almost made a tear. (arnold swartzenager accent)
it's colder than I ever remember! I'm barely surviving! but the sun's been out a little more. that's happiness.
oh, it's deffinately cold...i don't think i meant to say it wasn't. I'm just dealing with it better than i have before i guess.