Bosco Stifferemonda (maj) wrote,
Bosco Stifferemonda

one more show left....

I feel kinda bad saying this, but i really don't want to go home now. This might be the last time i get to do something like this (hopefully not, but i don't know how long it's going to take to find a vocalist for the metal band) and now it's back to working a dead end job for who knows how long...probably until my body collapses and i die. LOL. As soon as i get back my entire tax returns are going to tattoos, and i'm serious this time...i have big plans, even a broken down car will not stop me. I'm sitting in a hotel room right outside of St. Louis right now, watching tv, hanging out with a bunch of sweet people. When i get home it's back to basically sitting around by myself. But i think i'm finally motivated to start writing some music, we'll see though, i tend to get lazy when i'm actually in the position to do something. I've got about 4 different bands i want to start...and i want to do vocals for at least a couple. we'll see if i can find anyone to be in on this with. It's going to be really strange going from a month of only being alone when i'm in the shower or usually when i go to the bathroom to being alone pretty much all the time. I do miss home a bit though, we'll see if i still feel that way in 4 days when i'm actually there. I guess this is enough rambling for now, but when i get home someone is going to have to come with me on a "find a girlfriend day" hahaha, too much reggie and the full effect.


do it.
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