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Well, here i am, in update land. Let's see...Not too much has been going on since last time. I turned 22 on the 18th. Went out to the Outback with Tracy, which was awesome. Then went to D&B with Casey, which was also awesome.

Went to Kentucky for a weekend, that was a long time ago now, but it was a good time. A lot of swimming at the hotel pool, going out to eat. Hanging out at the mall in town. It's good to get away, someti...most of the time.

I have been promoted at work, i now am sales supervisor, i'm getting around 25-30 hours a week, and making either 7.50 or 8 an hour...not sure yet, but as soon as they decide to give it to me, i'm SUPPOSED to be getting back pay for all the time i was training for the position. Let's just hope they stick to their word on that one.

School is going pretty eh these days, i'm slacking off and it shows. I don't know what my problem is in that department.

Not doing a whole lot of stuff...but i've been pretty happy lately. Never running out of money anymore, so that's good...i have been a little stressed out from learning the position and the extra responsibility..followed by school sucking a bit..then the fact that i don't sleep as much because i have a lot of opening shifts and i still live like i don't have to get up early. Hence, my 2 days off a week i usually spend sleeping until 3.

I (as always) have so many things that i want to buy but do not have the money for. And i don't know which ones to make priority. But i think i'm closer now than i have been in forever. So i just have to stop buying food and save some money. OUTSTANDING PLAN!

I guess that's all i have to say for now, too much boring makes people bored.
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