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After the tobacco industry....comes the manager at D&Bs

Man, i figured if i was going to get cut off at the bar...i would at least be stumbling and incoherant....and i figured that day would never come. Either way, i was cut off tonight, because this guy figured...hey, 2 drinks in an hour?????? you guys must be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what an ass.

So now i'm sitting was a good night i must say, but what the hell. anyway........i'm looking for a new job, and after my performance at the shooting game at dave and busters, i might become a sniper...hahaha, i wish...i did really well though, i got about 13 of 15 out of 2 tries. i think that's pretty effing sweet. I don't know if that mathmatically makes sense...but that chances of me caring are about as good as the chances of me missing a target at 4 feet. NOT SO GOOD!

i have a good 6 minutes left to finish this, and i'm going to do as bad of a job as i can!!!!!!

I'm such a killer...and a pirate ninja..fuck you trendy fucks..i've always been a pirate...and i'm drunk enough to prove it right now. come sword fight me. i hear hot topic sells swords you have no excuse...prostate toucher

ok..this is getting out of hand....i just want to say that i am good at finding stray tokens and tickets, so if you are in need...i am of service. thank you and good night

I don't know if i'm supposed to remember what you said or i'll leave it up to chance! Either way, you're awesome

ok...2 minutes and tomorrow will be here. cause i know as soon as i go to sleep, i'll be awake again...sure the clock and the sun will have changed...but damnit, i won't know!!!!! or something.

ok, i'm done
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